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Why Choose Organic

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We hear it all the time… if I am not eating my clothes, why should I care if they’re organic?

Well – At Inner Waves, we believe that what we put on our bodies shouldn’t be all that different from what we put in our bodies.

Organic-based clothing and organic-based foods are actually very similar. Both begin with real, pure ingredients that come from the earth. They are raised by farmers who choose to protect the soil, the groundwater, the air, the animals and ultimately the people from toxic chemicals, by employing organic farming methods.

When we buy organic, we support this difficult work with our dollars.

Did you know that traditional cotton (not organic) is considered the world’s dirtiest crop? It is grown using a toxic slurry of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. In the US, traditional cotton is the #1 most pesticide-laden crop ( It’s the 2nd world-wide) And the pesticides used to grow this dirty cotton can be nasty. Some are based upon WWII nerve gas technology. One is so toxic that a single drop on the skin can be deadly. And these toxins don’t stay put when they are sprayed. They can seep into groundwater, drift into the air, can be eaten by wildlife and can ultimately make their way into our water and food supply.

In real world terms, you may be surprised to learn that nearly 1/3 pound of synthetic fertilizer is used to grow the cotton used in a single T-shirt (per the Organic Trade Association)

These are the reason that we choose organic cotton.

In addition to choosing organic cotton, at Inner Waves, we incorporate many other earth-friendly choices in our products, as well. We use low impact dyes for our fabrics, choosing coloring facilities that completely recycle their water. We use recycled paper for our hangtags, veggie-based inks and natural jute cords. And our production facility is in the process of converting to solar.

We also choose to produce our clothing in the US, which allows us to monitor the quality closely. And, as an important side note, we sleep at night knowing that the highly-skilled craftsmen and craftswomen who produce our line, work in safe and happy conditions.

We are actively looking for input from customers. We are currently seeking new eco-friendly clothing protective wrappers for shipping. If you have suggestions for these or any other earth-friendly ideas that we could consider, please send them our way – email ccare@innerwaves.org.