3rd Anniversary News!

3rd Anniversary News!

3 Years this month!

Hello Inner Waves Customers! It has been 3 years since I purchased Inner Waves in September 2019. It’s been quite a journey! Fresh out of the gate, straight into the pandemic, and all the challenges that 2020 presented for business owners worldwide. At Inner Waves, we faced several hurdles ranging from supply chain issues, shipping challenges, and covid work restrictions nationwide. Sadly, our fabric supplier, as well as our production facility, both closed during the pandemic.

The good news is…. we are still here! We have amazing new fabric suppliers and production partners. We are only here because of you, our amazing, dedicated customers and partners! I want to personally thank you for your kindness and patience these last three years. I was new to the industry and switched lanes from teaching yoga to owning and operating a clothing company. I’ve learned a lot through trial and error but mostly from the kind and generous mentors I have met along the way, as well as through my communications with you all. Many of you have loved this company from its early days on Maui as I have. I so appreciate your friendliness and willingness to accept the new ownership with open arms.


In many ways Inner Waves is reinventing yoga wear. The world has changed, and we are changing with it. We are a woman owned small business. I'm managing production, fabric sourcing, inventory management, product development etc.. Kaleb, who is our Creative Director, is our driving social media and email efforts, and our Marketing Director Jeff provides vision for our photography and partnerships. We are reinventing our business model so we can stick around for years to come and keep providing you the excellent, top quality, sustainable clothing you have known and loved for years.

New Production Model

What we have come up with is a smaller batch production model, as well as a made to order production concept that allows us to adapt to your needs. We are shifting gears and moving toward a micro production model, as well as made to order specials. This enables us to keep it fresh for you, offer more and frequent color options, and offer new styles along the way.


  • Micro Production- Very small batches frequently. This helps us stay flexible to your needs and allows us to present yoga wear solutions in real-time! 
  •  Made to Order- Special styles are in the works! We will pre-release styles and ship within 4-6 weeks from the order date. It all begins with our specialty item, the Nalu Hoodie Wrap. It’s gorgeous, made with hemp/organic cotton fleece and is in its final stages of development. This will be a special piece that you will want to keep forever! 
  • Collaborations- We are loving collaborating with inspiring Yoga teachers around the globe to create new styles designed by yogis. Be on the lookout for the Manu Lifestyle Shorts and the Lilly Flow Set coming early in 2023!


Current Inventory….. Big Sales, Big Savings!

As we move into this exciting new phase, we will be looking to get our classic styles into your hands! We will be having a site wide sale for the remainder of this year on classic styles to clear out the warehouse! Keep an eye out for our upcoming announcements.

Thank you for your continued loyalty, your kindness, and your understanding. Our goal is to continue making you the best yoga clothing on the planet! Designed by Yogis, made just for you!


Angie & the Inner Waves Family

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