Rooted In Sustainability

Our Story

Being green has very deep meaning for us. The inspiration for Inner Waves Organics started in Maui, Hawaii in 2002 while our founders were living and working on an off-the-grid farm in a beautiful and rural valley. The vision for Inner Waves was inspired by the natural environment and by living in harmony with nature using solar electric, rain catchment systems and organic gardening for everyday life. Green and sustainable were not in fashion or even common in the apparel industry in 2002, but that’s where it all began for Inner Waves Organics. We are literally rooted in sustainability.

A passion for personal practice also led to the creation of Inner Waves and is still integral to what makes the heart of this company beat. Wearing Inner Waves Organics gives you the opportunity to tap into the vastness of yourself and your commitment to the bigger beating heart of our planet. As yogis we must find a balance between lifestyle, loving what we do and committing to something bigger than ourselves. Now is an opportune moment on the planet to turn things around and give our home the respect she deserves so that we may all live in harmony for generations to come. The planet loves our support, just like we love our yoga practice supporting us!

Today, like in our early beginnings in Maui, sustainability is at our core and is deeply embedded in a little company with a big heart. Inner Waves Organics literally grew from an unwavering passion for sustainably on every level and that’s still our commitment today. We are committed to conscious living and devote much thought to the positive choices we make in business, in our community and our world. Through our choice to use Organic Cotton and other plant based sustainable fibers and by making our clothing in the USA, we are part of a movement within the apparel industry dedicated to dramatically lessoning our footprint. Inner Waves strives to lead and educate by example.

We don’t believe “fast fashion” is sustainable or ethical. Our clothing is made in the USA and it is made to last. We get many reports that our customers have worn their clothing for well over a decade! Inner Waves offers timeless styles, impeccable design, unsurpassed quality that will stand the test of time. By choosing to purchase Inner Waves you are doing much more than purchasing an exceptional eco-friendly set of yoga clothes. You are casting your clear vote for a cleaner, better future for all.

Why Choose Organic?

Organic Cotton vs Chemically Grown Cotton

At Inner Waves, we believe that what we put on our bodies should be chosen as carefully as what we put in our bodies. 

Chemically grown cotton (not certified organic) is considered the world’s dirtiest crop. It takes a pound of chemicals to produce just three cotton t-shirts! Chemically grown cotton is grown using a toxic slurry of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides. In the US, chemically grown cotton is the #1 most pesticide-laden crop. The pesticides used to produce this cotton can be very dangerous to our health. These toxins don’t stay put when they are sprayed. They seep into groundwater, drift into the air, are eaten by wildlife, and ultimately make their way into our water and food supply. Furthermore, If we choose to wear clothing made from chemically grown cotton, we may also absorb these chemicals into our bloodstream through our skin. 

Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides or fertilizers, while chemically grown cotton is dependent on both. Organic cotton production incorporates healthy soil management, crop rotation, and other natural growing methods instead of using toxic chemicals. Biological processes of growing cotton also preserve water. To produce a cotton T-Shirt, the Textile Exchange said "conventional cotton would use 2,168 gallons of water compared to 186 for organic (a difference of 1,982 gallons). Creating a pair of jeans, conventional cotton would take 9,910 gallons of water compared to 932 with organic (a savings of 8,978 gallons)." So, organic cotton production not only keeps our waterways clean,  it also takes less water to grow.

Organically grown cotton is better for your body and better for the planet! 

Powered by Plants

Plant Based & Made in the USA

At Inner Waves, we are dedicated to using organic, plant-based fibers not only in our clothing production, but also in our finishing and packaging of our products. We use recycled and recyclable paper apparel mailers. We roll our clothing and secure it with recycled paper rolls or hemp and jute cord instead of using poly bags. Additionally, we use paper for our hangtags, veggie-based inks and natural jute cords.

Inner Waves Organics produces our clothing in the USA, in Los Angeles, California, where people are treated with love and respect and are paid, at a very minimum, living wages. The production facility meets the highest standards of safety and prioritizes it workers happiness and safety on all levels. Many of the employees have been at this facility for over 20 years!

We constantly strive to do better and we believe that there is always room for improvement. If you have feedback or ideas regarding how we may lesson our carbon footprint or improve our environmental practices please email