Eco-Friendly Plastic Free Packaging

Eco-Friendly Plastic Free Packaging

At Inner Waves, we are doing our best every day to make choices that are eco friendly. This is a very complicated process, and there are many ways of looking at things in terms of sustainability.

Inner Waves has recently done away with the poly bags that most clothing is packaged in today for protection. Instead, we are using hemp twine or recycled paper rolls to secure our clothing.

We have also chosen to switch to recycled and recyclable paper mailers. We send your clothing to you in natural fiber paper mailers made from 90% or more, post-consumer waste, and they are 100% recyclable. The mailers are biodegradable, but the landfill is not the best way to dispose of the packaging as landfills create methane gas and emit it into our atmosphere.

The packaging is also compostable however, even though these fibers will break down, again, it is better to recycle your packaging than it is to compost it. All paper mailers utilize polymer-based adhesives and inks that leave small contamination in the soil, so recycling is preferred to composting.

There is no perfect solution to sustainable packaging at this point. However, part of Inner Waves Organics' mission is to keep plastics out of our oceans and we are thrilled to be plastic-free!

We hope you enjoy your new packages when they arrive at your doorstep. Please reuse or recycle our mailers. Feedback is welcome, so if you have issues with your packages arriving in satisfactory condition, or if you just love the packaging and just want to let us know, please let get in touch!  You can send an email to


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