Rooted in Sustainability

Rooted in Sustainability ~ Meet the Founders of Inner Waves

We have deep respect and gratitude for the original founders of Inner Waves Organics, Jenn Wakefield, and Malte Simmer who combined their many talents and worked tirelessly to create our sustainable, organic yoga clothing line in the very early 2000s. Their original timeless designs are still unsurpassed today.

Inner Waves began on an off the grid organic farm on Maui. Today, Inner Waves is owned by Angie Weatherby who has loved Inner Waves for nearly 2 decades as a yoga teacher and as an Inner Waves customer. Angie purchased Inner Waves is 2019 and is on a mission to continue the tradition of creating the best quality, exceptional design, natural fiber, organic yoga wear for Men and for Women.

Angie now collaborates with Yogis around the world to create new, fresh, sustainable designs for Yogis designed by Yogis! 

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