Did you know Inner Waves Organics is a Small ~ Woman owned Business?

Did you know Inner Waves Organics is a Small ~ Woman owned Business?

Did you know that Inner Waves Organics is a Small Family Run and Woman-Owned Business?

We've been around since early 2000, and we are a grassroots business born on an Off-The-Grid Organic Farm on Maui (read more below). We've been producing the highest quality organic cotton clothing, made in the USA, for men and women for nearly two decades. 

I'm Angie, the third and very proud owner, "chief cook and bottle washer"! It has been a fantastic journey thus far to learn about all aspects of running an apparel company. It's complicated, but so much fun!

The new models on the web-site are two of our sons, Kaleb and Kevin (not featured two more kiddos, Tatum and Jasper). The beautiful smiling young lady in  many of our new photos is my cousin Karin's daughter, Emme. Karin is the talented and generous Creative Director who mentored me through my first Inner Waves Organics photoshoot.

Inner Waves proudly partners with small sustainable businesses throughout our supply chain, from our fabric choices to our paper mailers. We use domestic, organic, plant-based fabrics from eco-conscious mills. Our eco-friendly hand tags and recycled paper mailers are from small sustainable companies as well. Your clothes are shipped to you through a family-owned fulfillment center run by the fabulous Sandy and her son Scott. They've been shipping IWO clothing since early 2000 and know many of you by name!

Support the small businesses you love. By doing so, you're not just supporting that one small business. You are supporting a chain of small business owners passionate about sustainability and passionate about what we do!

We are so grateful for your loyalty and continued support of Inner Waves Organics.

With Love to you all! Angie

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  • Ann Nehaya Walsh

    I bought my first pair of IWO during May 2007, in Pa’ia in a boutique cornered in a vast studio for Yoga
    I wore those brilliant green moana trousers for ten years, and have continually added colours of moana trousers to my closet with glee and smacking satisfying pleasure ever since.
    March 2021 Arcata, Ca

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